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Tapas foodtruck in Gothenburg 


What are tapas? 


Tapas are small dishes that you can combine completely according to your own wishes. It can be anything as long as it is served in small portions and is easy to pick. A tapa can be bread with cheeses, a wonderfully spicy sausage, part of a yummy fusion burger or a small plate of french fries. It can consist of both cold and hot food and it can be whole good dishes, as long as they are in small portions.


Tapas come from Spain


Tapas come from Spain and from the Spanish verb tapar and actually means "to cover" in Swedish. However, there are a few different theories about how tapas originated. Today, tapas really means appetizer, mellis or a good snack in Swedish, even though it can be your own complete small dishes that are offered as a buffet.


Eat good food together



Tapas from Tapas Fabrik in Gothenburg is not only a wonderful taste experience but also a great way to spend time with family and friends. Tapas is a way to meet and spend time together. In Spain, it is a part of the culture and lifestyle where food and socializing are of great importance.


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